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Matters related to starting, maintaining and passing on an interest in a business can be complex and confusing. With guidance from an experienced business formation and succession planning attorney, the future survival of your company can be ensured.

At the law office of Yewell Law, LLC, we help you preserve the reputation and well being of your business. We are a business as well, staffed with highly-qualified individuals who understand the importance of keeping the best interests of our clients in mind. Contact our office to discuss you needs.

Owensboro, Kentucky, Business Law Attorneys

Our experienced business lawyers have represented many types of businesses, ranging from small local businesses to international corporations. We provide comprehensive legal counsel and representation to individuals and businesses for a wide variety of business law matters, including:

  • Business entity startups
  • Corporate formation
    o Sole proprietorships
    o Partnership
    o LLP, LTD, LLC
    o Other business entities
  • Acting as in-house counsel for small businesses
  • Creation of employee handbooks
  • Attending annual stockholder meetings
  • Drafting or reviewing buy/sell agreements
  • Real property covenants
  • Restrictions
  • Franchising and franchise agreements
  • Real estate law
    o Negotiate leases agreements
    o Covenant enforcement
    o Easements
    o Land use and zoning
  • Business Succession
  • Business litigation/transactions

In the process of assisting principal business owners in setting up and running a business we have worked on many employer/employee matters. Together with our past legal experiences in a variety of staffing situations and our extensive knowledge of federal EEOC regulations, we can effectively and thoroughly protect employer or employee interests.

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Let us help guide you down the road to success. Contact a corporate formation law attorney at the office of Yewell Law, LLC today. Together with our knowledgeable staff and lawyers you can determine what is best for you and for your business. Call our office to set up a meeting during one of our flexible appointment times.