Handling The Probate Process In Kentucky

When an individual dies, their estate may pass into what is known as probate, a legal process whereby the court will determine things like the validity of a decedent’s will and the distribution of property to heirs mentioned in the will. Though you do have the right to represent yourself in probate court, many seek help from a qualified attorney, especially after discovering how complex the probate process and its laws can be.

At Yewell Law, LLC, our decades of experience handling estate plans in Kentucky have given us the skills and experience we need to help you through the challenges of the probate process. We work closely with you and your family, guiding you through the numerous probate procedures with confidence and providing you with personalized legal counsel that meets your specific circumstances.

Knowledgeable Guidance Throughout Probate Proceedings

Because of our extensive background in estate planning procedures and law, our law firm can walk you through all aspects of probate, including:

· Proving a will

· Settling and administering an estate

· Making an inventory of a decedent’s estate

· Appraising property

· Administering a trust

· Contesting a will

· Paying taxes and debts for an estate

Whether we’re proving the validity of a will or assisting with trust administration, we make sure you have all of the necessary legal documents in hand before you go before a judge. We also make sure to take legal action in a timely matter and fulfill the wishes of the decedent in accordance with Kentucky law.

Contact Our Firm For Assistance

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