High-Asset Divorce

Managing High-Asset Divorce Issues In Kentucky

Navigating divorce proceedings can be incredibly challenging because of the complexity of the law and the emotional stress most people are under during this time. But if you have considerable assets or assets that are complex in nature, divorce proceedings can be far more difficult to work through without the help of an experienced and patient attorney.

At Yewell Law, LLC, our attorneys, David L. Yewell and Jason L. Yewell, know that complex, high-asset divorce cases require extra attention. From addressing property division to the untangling of complex assets, we use our decades of legal experience to walk you through the legal challenges ahead and find smart solutions that are in your and your family’s best interests.

Common Issues In High-Asset Cases

Even though high-asset divorce cases involve many of the same issues facing most divorcing couples, high-asset cases need to be handled by a skilled attorney because the involvement of higher assets can create challenges when determining property division, alimony and even child custody arrangements.

Some common issues with complex, high-asset cases may include:

· Separation of comingled assets

· Division of stocks, bonds and investments

· Distribution of a trust fund

· Division of inheritances and gifts

· Addressing business holdings

· Handling property and business valuation

· Discovering hidden assets

In many cases, mishandling complex assets during a divorce can have steep consequences. When you obtain the services of Yewell Law, LLC, we will make sure you’re making smart decisions about your high-asset divorce, including decisions about dividing property and debts.

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