Child Custody

Addressing Child Custody And Visitation in Kentucky

If you’re a parent going through divorce or separation, you may have a bigger challenge than most individuals. That’s because in addition to worrying about property division and other separation matters, you must also make determinations about custody, child support and visitation. In some cases, it may be necessary to establish paternity before any of these legal matters can be addressed.

At Yewell Law, LLC, we know that child custody issues can exacerbate divorce and separation proceedings. What stress and frustration is already being felt is typically increased, leaving parents looking for help from a lawyer who not only understands what they are going through, but one who has the experience necessary to resolve their issues effectively.

How We Help Families With Their Child Custody Issues

Decades of experience handling family law issues have given our attorneys the knowledge and skills necessary to handle even the most complex and challenging child custody matters. From custody disputes between parents in the same state, to relocation issues, we know how to help parents, as well as third-party individuals, assert the rights afforded to them under the law.

We can help with:

· Establishing paternity

· Determining legal custody and joint legal custody

· Discussing living arrangements for the child

· Establishing a visitation schedule

· Protecting the best interests of the child

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Though some separating or divorcing parents may be able to make child custody arrangements without assistance from a judge, some parents may need guidance from the court to make important decisions about who their child should live with and what is in their child’s best interests.

At our law firm, our attorneys know the best way to handle child custody cases in Kentucky. We know how to assess a situation and provide personalized advice that makes sense for a family in each case. To schedule an appointment with our firm, contact us online or call 270-926-5305. We are flexible with appointment times for your convenience.