Grandparents’ Visitation & Custody

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Many grandparents wish to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives. Their interactions can enhance the children’s feelings of love, support and family. However, the laws concerning grandparents’ rights are complicated. They may not have as direct rights to visitation as they would like. If you have questions or concerns about grandparents’ rights, including visitation and custody issues, turn to our experienced legal team at Yewell Law, LLC.

Our Owensboro, Kentucky, law firm is staffed with lawyers and support personnel that believe strongly in family and preserving family ties. We can provide clients with advice and guidance on grandparents’ rights, since this is an area of the law that may be changing constantly.

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Factors In Determining Grandparents’ Rights

There are many factors considered by the courts when determining grandparents’ rights, including:

  • If the parents are willing to allow the child to see a grandparent
  • If a child has established a parent-like relationship with the grandparents and if so, that it is shown that the child may suffer if that relationship was ended.
  • Unless a parent is deemed unfit to make such a decision, the courts may side with the parents if they have determined that the absence of the grandparents from the child’s life is in the child’s best interests.

De Facto Custodianship

Grandparents and other relatives may be able to obtain custody of a relative child under the terms of a de facto custodianship. The de facto custodian is an individual that is the primary caregiver and principal financial supporter of a child who has lived with them for at least 6 months (if the child is under the age of 3) or at least 1 year (if the child is 3 and over). After being named a de facto custodian, the individual has the same legal rights in custody matters as a parent would and their input is considered when determining best interests of the child.

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